South Florida PGA Give Back to Young Hospital Patients

Golf is the most charitable sport in the world, and on December 26th, five Southeast Chapter PGA  Pros proved why. PGA Professionals Paul Clivio, Jeff, Waber, Ben Bauer, Shawn Costello, and David Flinn  spent yesterday morning at Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center visiting every room providing each young patient with a new toy, putting smiles on many faces and bringing tears to parents eyes.

Over the course of the last two months the PGA members and associates of the Southeast Chapter of the South Florida PGA have been collecting toys at various golf facilities throughout south Florida, all of which made this day possible.

“This was just AWESOME,” said Southeast Chapter President and PGA Director of Golf at St. Andrew’s Country Club, Paul Clivio.  “I never could have imagined how humbling and rewarding this experience was going to be.  When we walked out of the last room I looked back and caught the young patient giving her grandmother two thumbs up from her hospital bed.  It was absolutely priceless.”

As they visited each room, the only information they were provided was the patients name and age.  The unknowns laid in why these young individuals were in the hospital, but what they did know is that what they were doing was going to make their stay just a little bit better.

“This is just something very small that we can do to give back to our community, and our goal is to do it again next year and provide even more gifts to the patients and their families,” said Jeff Waber, PGA Director of Golf at Broken Sound-Old Course.


The South Florida PGA Southeast Chapter is one of three mainland chapters of the South Florida PGA with close to 850 members and 196 golf facilities.


The South Florida PGA Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded to support the South Florida community, with a focus on junior golf, education and scholarships, and charitable gifting. The South Florida PGA Foundation falls under the direction of the South Florida PGA, a not-for-profit organization comprised of over 1,850 men and women PGA Professionals serving as the experts in business and the game of golf. Over the past thirteen years the Foundation has touched the lives of more than 12,000 individuals residing in South Florida, through various programming included but not limited to junior golf, charitable gifting, scholarships and PGA HOPE.

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